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The Closing of Vice New Zealand
todd henry
Apr 7, 2019
Back in July of 2017 Vice NZ published some photos I took of Tonga's emerging skate scene, I had always wanted to shoot photos for Vice so the fact that they took interest in my photos was a pretty big deal at the time.  Soon after the piece was posted online I got in touch with Vice NZ's editor, Frances Morton, and asked if she was keen to feature more of my work.  

Over the following year and nine months, Vice NZ featured a number of my photos, photo essays, and written work, some of which were popular on Vice's main international platform.  I was given some really interesting photo assignments, and I travelled to Tonga and the Chatham Islands on Vice photo missions.   These are trips that I will never forget.

I extend my sincerest gratitude to the team at Vice New Zealand for giving me a chance to get my work out there, and for taking my concepts and proposals seriously.  Vice NZ gave me the opportunity to be involved in projects that I could only dream of before.  It was always exciting to have something published with Vice and I will miss working with the team.

While I am sad that Vice New Zealand recently closed its Auckland office, I am also excited about the future and where it may lead as the team settles into other journalism roles.  Networks will be extended, and I am sure more exciting projects will be created.

The Spinoff recently published a story featuring "The best of Vice New Zealand", which showcases some of Vice's most memorable pieces, including a few of the stories that I photographed.

  The best of Vice New Zealand
         With Vice NZ sadly closing its doors last week, here's a round-up of some of the excellent work produced by the editorial staff over the last few years. The New Zealand editorial arm of global youth media outlet Vice closed on Friday, with five...

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