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Tuvalu Photos
todd henry
Mar 24, 2019
Location: Funafuti
I have just posted up a photo project with some selections from time I spent in the South Pacific Island nation of Tuvalu.  Click here to view the project.

Some climate change scientists have predicted that due to current rates of sea level rise and climate change, Tuvalu as a sovereign nation will cease to exist in the next 50-100 years.  If these projections turn out to be true, Tuvalu could be the first nation to have to be evacuated as a result of climate change.  To date, no other countries have agreed to accept future Tuvaluan climate change refugees.

Despite the threats that climate change poses to the very existence of their small and isolated islands, the Tuvaluan people maintain their strong cultural Polynesian roots and live a lifestyle that is decidedly relaxed and unhurried.

I am currently conducting academic research in Tuvalu that investigates visual representations of the Tuvaluan people in international media and how this influences "last chance" tourism in the country.  My photographic work in Tuvalu is part of an ongoing project to showcase the relative normalcy of life in places that the media often portrays as hopeless and dire. I hope to expand this work to other countries in the near future.
     Todd Henry Photography, Fongafale
          Tuvalu is often featured in the international media due to the effects of climate change and sea level rise on small island nations.  The main...

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